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Worlds Apart
Photographs by Michael Murray
Texts by Gideon Bosker and John Stauffer
With a poem by John Wood
15 bound and 16 loose pigment ink prints
Plus 2 images printed on anodized aluminum presented as an A-frame sculpture
Edition: 46 copies
15.5 x 15.5 inches

Handcrafted in New England
One of the most ambitious bindings ever created by 21st Editions inspired by the true livre d'artistes of the past, with inlays of stone, mother of pearl, stingray, wood, and copper. Each book will be unique.
Michael Murray will very soon be recognized for what he is - a great visionary who depicts the world with technology he has been refining for four years. He is certainly the very first to have perfected this 360 degree interpretation of the world. With "Worlds Apart," this contemporary visionary brings together the past, present, and future with a presentation that includes a unique binding, folio, and sculpture.  
- Steven Albahari, Publisher

360° landscape photography

© 2018 By Michael James Murray


by Michael James Murray