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Michael James Murray

Born in Rochester, New York

Lives & works in Lisbon, Maine


 Maine-based photographer Michael James Murray is known for his 360° panoramic Spherescapes, exploring the ever-changing relationships between the natural and man-made worlds. Michael 

traveled the world over, compiling images for his book "Worlds Apart." In 2015 "Worlds Apart"  was nominated for a Lucie Award and has since been collected by prestigious institutions such

as the National Gallery of Art, Baylor College, and The Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University. Murrayʼs work also resides in many private collections all over the world.  Michael was born in Rochester, NY, and is primarily self-taught.


  "My Spherescapes depict a 360° panoramic space compressed into a spherical form. The lack of constraint made possible by the spherical 360° allows for an in-depth exploration of objects, structures, and textures and how they relate to each other in the natural and man-made world. I use the camera to investigate and analyze the spaces where man and nature intersect. By photographing the world this way, the camera is omnipresent, allowing for an epic narrative of the complexity and intricacy of the world to unfold. Whether it be the disorder of ancient ruins in Rome, the pristine skyscrapers of New York City, the densely kaleidoscopic geography of the American southwest, or the rugged coastlines of New England."


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